Who is Belgiumchic.on?

Good morning, my friends !

Some years ago I mooved to Belgium and now I am living in the centre of the South of Wallonia.
Nobody can stay indifferent  visiting this country ! Neither could I . I falled in love with these picturesque villages, ancient cities and beautiful nature !
I am a native citizen now. I am so proud of this country that I can show the best of it ! It’s not only the facts but the history of Wallonia and its people, who live here generation after generation.

We will see the castles, abbeys, we will walk in the narrow old streets, and we will taste this very Belgium I’m so much speaking about !
All the excurcions are unique, as you are.

You can reserved the excursions here, on the site, you can contact me here, on my page in Instagram or Facebook and we will creat your best holidays in Wallonia !

Sincerly yours,

Galina Popovich De Roover