Hello, my fans of travelling!

When I came to the region of Belgium where they speak FrenchI couldn’t imagine all the beauty and charm! Old churches, grey stoned houses with bright flower pots, evergreen fiels with horses, cows and sheeps didn’t leave me indifferent!

This is the very Belgium you don’t know and even don’t imagine.But it’s here! This very real Belgium where they speak Walloon, they make 101 waffles for the celebration of the 1st of January, where they brew the best beer in the world. Here you begin to understand and to appreciate the art de vivre.

I have fallen in love so much and I have known this country well enough to share my passion with you!

“Belgiumchic.on” proposes you the excursions which you will keep in your heart forever. I will help everyone to find his own piece of admiring here.